Ariane TrimuschatAriane Trimuschat, Director, San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show – x318

“I have always had a passion for art, culture and history. To be able to do what I love, and have it support the work of such an impactful, meaningful organization keeps me inspired daily.”

Ariane has served as Director of The San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show, the major fundraiser for Enterprise, since 2013. Originally from New York City, Ariane has spent over 25 years in marketing, promotions and events. At Condé Nast Publications in New York, she worked for several magazines including Vanity Fair, Bon Appétit, Self and Condé Nast Traveler, creating promotional opportunities for the magazines and their advertisers. In 2000, she moved to California where she brought her background full circle with her love of art, as the San Francisco Director of the national arts organization Gen Art, which supported emerging artists in the fields of visual art, fashion, film and music. Ariane oversaw a team that produced and promoted over 30 major arts programs and exhibits annually. Ariane is currently an officer of the Modern Art Council (MAC) for SFMOMA and is a member of the Hillsborough Auxiliary of Peninsula Family Services. She is a former member of the Board of Directors for the Achenbach Graphic Arts Council for The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, and has volunteered for numerous non-profits, supporting children and the arts.


Chris Rubeo, Youth Development Specialist – x304

Chris has been working in youth-serving nonprofits for the past seven years. Originally from New York, he got his start in youth empowerment as a music major at Bard College, where he volunteered at a pediatric group home leading expressive arts workshops. Since then, he has worked in children’s hospitals, after-school programs, and grief and bereavement centers. He is passionate about the use of music and art to enrich, heal, and empower individuals and communities. Chris spends his time getting out of the city to hike, making homemade pizza, and tirelessly searching for the best cup of coffee in San Francisco. 


Courtney BudesaCourtney Budesa, Senior Program Manager, Community & Employment – x307

“I love seeing youth come out of our programs with more confidence, more purpose, and with the skills they need to be successful in the next step of their lives.”

Courtney comes from a varied professional background, with experience in education and business development. Courtney began her career in education as an elementary school teacher at Title 1 schools. She focused on helping close the opportunity gap with her students and bringing new and innovative teaching strategies to her classroom. She then moved to Business Development working at the Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco as she learned about the local business community and landscape. She enjoys bringing together both of those worlds in her role at Enterprise. When she’s not working to find opportunities for youth, she can be found gardening in her backyard or exploring the Bay Area with her husband and two young daughters.


Cristina Morán, Youth Development Specialist – x313

“Until we get equality in education, we won’t have an equal society.”
-Sonia Sotomayor

Cristina enjoys helping youth explore different paths to success. Before joining the Enterprise team, Cristina worked with high school students as a career and college readiness counselor and education specialist. Cristina earned her master’s degree from Harvard University in education, where she focused her research on educational guidance counseling and programs designed to help first-generation college students. She attended community college in Santa Monica before graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in English Literature. When not in the office, Cristina enjoys traveling to sunny places, reading autobiographies, and listening to the latest trendy podcasts.


Gabriela EspinozaGabriella Espinoza, Program & Operations Specialist – x301

“It’s an honor to work in an organization that does such meaningful work and makes such an impact. It is so rewarding to hear from our youth and alumni about how Enterprise helped them make huge strides in their career paths.”

Gabi has a long-standing passion for education and youth empowerment, and she is happy to continue feeding that passion at Enterprise. Before working with Enterprise, she served as a Teaching Fellow at Citizen Schools in San Jose. Prior to her service, Gabi studied Anthropology and Psychology at UC Berkeley, where she was active in various education-oriented organizations, such as Jumpstart for Young Children. Gabi also worked in several research labs on topics ranging from developmental cognition to Ancient Greek archaeology, as well as in internships in interior design and educational outreach. Outside of Enterprise, you can find her moseying around art/history museums, attending live performances, or baking at home.


Helen LeeHelen Lee, Program Director – x320

“Every young person deserves an opportunity to explore career paths, no matter what socioeconomic challenges they may face.”

Helen has been with Enterprise since 2008, where she has worn almost every programmatic hat. She’s committed to building capacity within Enterprise, educating herself on youth development principles, and motivating staff to continue developing their skills. Elsewhere in the community, Helen has co-chaired for the San Francisco Youth Employment Coalition, a volunteer-driven organization that unites agencies that serve youth who face multiple barriers to employment. Prior to Enterprise, she studied inequities in educational access in China and worked as a college admissions counselor. She earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Chicago and an MA in East Asian Studies from Stanford University. In what free time she has after running after a toddler, she enjoys churning ice cream and going to farmers markets.


Joanne Chern, Youth Development Specialist – x312

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” 
–Audre Lorde

Joanne is from Davis, CA. She has been working with youth since high school, when she first volunteered to lead traditional dance classes at her local Chinese school. Before joining Enterprise, Joanne worked as a tutor at the Princeton Review in Taiwan. She then served for two years as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia, where she channeled her background in music into developing creative language programming for her students. Prior to living overseas, she graduated from Scripps College with a major in English Literature and a minor in Asian Studies. When not working at Enterprise, Joanne spends her time playing music, disappearing into libraries and bookstores for hours at a time, and experimenting with new recipes.


Margan Mulvihill

Margan Mulvihill, Marketing & Events Manager, The San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show – x316

“Art is inspiring; it challenges perception, stirs emotion, facilitates expression and delivers beauty. I’m committed to the arts because I believe in its power for every person.”

Margan has spent her career in the art world, working for museums, galleries and auction houses. Before joining The San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show, Margan was responsible for marketing at Jenkins Johnson Gallery, writing press releases and securing local and national press for the gallery artists and exhibitions. Margan planned gallery openings and organized a 5-person panel discussion on women in the arts at a Miami art fair. She also served a local nonprofit as the President of the Board of Directors, and helped plan their annual fundraising auction for 3 years. In addition to loving art, Margan enjoys dancing lindy hop and salsa.


Mario CruzMario Cruz, Youth Development Coordinator, This Way Ahead – x311

“You have to challenge authority. Be a rebel. Your most important social responsibility is to prevent the abuse of power. Question them.”
–Jorge Ramos

Mario hails from Fresno, California, and graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Community and Regional Development and a minor in Chicana/o Studies in Spring 2011. Upon graduating from UCD, Mario moved to the bay area, became an AmeriCorps member as an Academic Advisor in East Oakland, and an advisor for the Upward Bound program in San Francisco. Mario is passionate about educational equity, social justice, and young adult development and leadership.


Meghan SmithMeghan Smith, Youth Development Coordinator, Summer Jobs Program –x319

“… knowledge opened the locked places in me and taught me first how to survive and then how to soar.”
–Gloria Anzalúa

Meghan believes in working alongside youth to foster skills that will help them excel in the world of work. Before Enterprise, Meghan worked with youth and children in a variety of settings ranging from a residential home for youth with social and emotional disorders to a Montessori classroom. Most recently she finished a Master’s program focusing on how certain education policies disregard barriers youth face. As she continues her work at Enterprise she hopes to create an engaging environment where young people discover and strengthen their skills and self-awareness. In her free time Meghan takes mini adventures in the Bay Area and taste tests local ice creameries.


Nancy GotsNancy Gots, Development Director – x303

“I love watching Enterprise programs fan the spark in each of our youth and turn it into a flame.”

Nancy brings over 20 years of experience in development and relationship management to her role at Enterprise for Youth. Prior to joining the team in 2006, she served as the Director of Development for San Francisco School Volunteers and SAGE (Standing Against Global Exploitation). Nancy has spent the past 10 years as the Development Director at Enterprise for Youth, where she is responsible for all aspects of fundraising to support Enterprise’s youth development programs. She is thrilled to be working for Enterprise and raising funds for a cause she feels so passionate about.
Nancy can relate to the Enterprise youth because her daughter got her first job through Enterprise and continued to work all through high school and college. “I have seen firsthand what these programs can do.” Nancy continues the tradition with a new niece entering Enterprise for Youth every year. When not fundraising, Nancy loves to travel, spend time with family, try out new recipes and taste test all the delectable restaurants in the City.


Sarah MontoroSarah Montoro, Development Coordinator – x309

“Investing in youth is an investment for our future. As a member of the development team, I’m constantly inspired by our community’s desire to make that investment by supporting the work that we do.”

After graduating from Cal State University, Long Beach with a B.A. in English, Sarah was introduced to the nonprofit world through a youth organization while teaching English as a Second Language abroad. She has since worked and volunteered at several Bay Area nonprofits, and is thrilled to apply her experience and passion towards ensuring that San Francisco’s youth have access to the resources they need to succeed.


Shantel WeingandShantel Weingand, Manager of Finance & Administration – x308

“I enjoy watching the youth transition from shy high school students to young professionals ready to take on the world during the course of their time at Enterprise.”

Shantel is a Bay Area native who has been working in accounting and finance for over 10 years. She began her career in the corporate sector and soon realized the importance of being part of the local community, making the transition into not for profit in 2012. She attended San Francisco State earning her B.S. in Business and Finance while working for Enterprise. In her free time she loves hiking, reading and playing tourist in her own back yard.


Tony DiStefanoTony DiStefano, Executive Director – x306

“There are so many amazing employment and career opportunities in this city. The problem is that too many kids growing up in San Francisco don’t have access to those opportunities. We’re solving that problem…it’s why we exist!”

Tony has been Enterprise’s executive director since 2008. During those years he has helped reposition Enterprise to provide thousands of youth with access to the work experiences and career opportunities that San Francisco has to offer.
Tony joined Enterprise after a successful career as an engineer, entrepreneur and CEO. He credits mentors and teachers during his time in high school for his own access to opportunities that his parents couldn’t have imagined. He was one of the first in his family to attend college, earning a Bachelors and Master’s degrees in electrical engineering and an MBA from Stanford.

“I worked my way through high school, college and graduate school. When I started out as an engineer, I wasn’t a great engineer, but I had so much work experience that I was a fantastic employee. That really helped me get ahead. Work experience- no matter what it is- is an important part of our approach at Enterprise.”

Prior to joining Enterprise, Tony was the CEO of Arrival Communications, PG&E Enterprises and Pacific Telesis, U.K. He’s an avid cyclist and gardener.