Frequently Asked Questions

Pathways Career Ahead Programs

Q: How long is the program?
A: 10 weeks

Q: What does the schedule look like?


Schedule Per Cycle

Week 1: Career Development Workshops

Week 2: Job Readiness Workshops

Week 3: Individual Check-In

Week 4: Drop-In Hour

Week 5: Job Readiness Workshops

Week 6: Practice Interview

Week 7: Job Readiness Assessment

Week 8: Job Bank & Work Environment Workshops

Week 9: Plan Ahead & Money Management Workshops

Week 10: Transition Check-In



Students will be assigned to a group with consistent workshop days and times each week for the entire program cycle.


·On workshop weeks, students attend two workshops per week and each workshop is 2-hrs long.

·For the individual check-ins, students will schedule a day that week to meet with their job counselor for 1-hr.

·For the practice interview, students will schedule a day that week to participate in a 1-hr mock interview.

·For the job readiness assessment, students will participate in one, half-hour mock interview that week.


Q: What are the student eligibility requirements to apply?

·Youth enrolled in High School (9th-12th) or a GED Program

·Youth that attend school in San Francisco or live in San Francisco

·No GPA requirement

·Seeking career awareness and job readiness training

·Looking for employment in San Francisco Bay Area

·Able to commit to a 10-week program

Q: When can I apply?
A: Pathways currently cycles three times in the year – during the fall, spring, and summer. The exact program timeline and schedule will vary per cycle. Here is our program timeline and schedules for FY 2016-2017:

Summer 2016 Cycle

 Application Deadline:

Wednesday, 5/25 at 5pm

 Program Timeline:

Tuesday, 6/7 – Friday, 8/5

Membership Celebration:

Wednesday, 8/10





Fall 2016 Cycle

 Application Deadline:

Wednesday, 9/21 at 5pm

Program Timeline:

Monday, 10/3 – Friday, 12/9

 Membership Celebration:

Wednesday, 12/14


*There will be no program activities during the Thanksgiving week.

Spring 2017 Cycle

Application Deadline:

Wednesday, 2/1 at 5pm

Program Timeline:

Monday, 2/13 – Wednesday, 4/26

Membership Celebration:

Wednesday, 4/26


*There will be no program activities during SFUSD spring break.

Q: Will I get paid for participating in the program?
A: At the moment, Pathways is an unpaid program. However, you will be granted with job bank access and summer paid opportunities. For more information about the job bank and summer paid opportunities, please click here.