Frequently Asked Questions

Pathways Career Ahead Programs

Q: How long is the program?
A: It is a 7-week placement with pre-employment training.

Q: What does the schedule look like?


Schedule Per Cycle

Week 1: Career Development Workshops

Week 2: Job Readiness Workshops

Week 3: Individual Check-In & Drop-In Hour

Week 4: Job Readiness Workshops

Week 5: Practice Interview

Week 6:  Job Bank & Work Environment Workshops

Week 7: Job Readiness Assessment

Week 8: Plan Ahead & Money Management Workshops

Week 9: Transition Check-In and Graduation Celebration



Students will be assigned to a group with consistent workshop days and times each week for the entire program cycle.


·On workshop weeks, students attend two workshops per week and each workshop is 2-hrs long.

·For the individual check-ins, students will schedule a day that week to meet with their job counselor for 1-hr.

·For the practice interview, students will schedule a day that week to participate in a 1-hr mock interview.

·For the job readiness assessment, students will participate in one, half-hour mock interview that week.


Q: What are the student eligibility requirements to apply?
A: Youth ages 14-24 who live or attend school in San Francisco. Seeking career awareness and job readiness training.

Q: When can I apply?
A: Pathways cycles during year – during the summer and school-year. The exact program timeline and schedule will vary per cycle. Here is our program timeline and schedules for 2017:

Summer 2017 Cycle

 Application Deadline:

Wednesday, 5/24 at 5pm

 Program Timeline:

6/12 – 8/11

Membership Celebration:

Friday, 8/11





Fall 2017 Cycle

 Application Deadline:

Friday, 9/15 at 5pm

Program Timeline:

10/3 – 12/8

 Membership Celebration:

Friday, 12/18


*There will be no program activities during the Thanksgiving week.

Q: Will I get paid for participating in the program?
A: Youth who complete the program receive a $250 stipend because we value your commitment to expanding your career awareness and job readiness skills. We also believe in the power of earning money as a way to start building financial capacity, especially at a young age.