Hire a Student

Q: How do I post a job?
A: If you’re a new employer, submit the interest form on our website. If you are a returning employer, then click on “post a job” and log in to our system to post the job. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Q: When they “apply” to my job, what will they send me?
A: All of our youth know to apply to a job with a resume and cover letter. If you would like additional information in their “application” (afterschool availability, etc.), then please note that in the job posting so they know to include that information.

Q: Can I interview the students?
A: Yes, please do! Our youth have been practicing their interviewing skills in workshops so please feel free to interview the youth.

Q: Will they have references?
A: Yes, all of our youth should have 3 references that you would be able to contact.

Q: Do I pay the student? How?
A: Yes. The employment relationship is between you as the employer and the youth as the employee. You post the job for the amount you’d like to pay (must be over minimum wage) and then you work out the payment schedule with the student directly. Whether you pay each time they come, bi-monthly, or another schedule, just please communicate clearly with the students how you plan to do this.

Q: Can I pay them in cash?
A: All of our youth are prepared to complete all of the standard new employee documents (W-4, I-9, etc.). However, we cannot give tax advice so please consult an accountant if you have questions specific to your situation.

Q: If I like them, can I hire them to come again or do I have to post the job again?
A: If the job goes well and you’d like to continue working with the student, then you are welcome to ask them directly if they can come back another time. The students will then let you know if that is possible or not. Also, if you do have them return please let us know so we can note that in our records.

Q: If I like them, can I hire them to do other types of work?
A: You are welcome to ask them if they are interested in other types of work, but please understand that the student may or may not want to do other types of tasks. They applied to the specific job they were hired for and may have an interest in something else, but may not.

Q: Can I ask them to bring a friend?
A: Please do not ask them to bring a friend. This can put the youth in a difficult position because they want to help you as their new employer, but we have told them they are not allowed to extend these Job Bank jobs to friends who are not in Enterprise. The best thing to do is call Enterprise and we can help you find another youth.

Q: I hired someone but they are not working out and I’d like to find someone else. How should I handle this?
A: If a student is not meeting your expectations with the duties they were hired to do, please first talk to them about how they can improve. Please be honest that you are expecting more from them. If it still isn’t working after you’ve spoken to them and given them a chance to improve, then please be honest with them and let them know why you need to find someone else. We understand that this could be a difficult conversation, but it’s the only way the youth are going to learn and improve as they move forward in their working lives.