Job Bank

Job Bank
Once they have completed their training, Enterprise members are able to search for jobs in our Job Bank. The Job Bank is a members-only job board enabling employers to find and hire talented youth for a one time task or on an ongoing basis.

Our Job Bank includes commercial and residential employers that post jobs with us and, in turn, have access to a group of highly motivated and qualified youth to fulfill their employment needs. We not only provide businesses and individuals with a talented pool of candidates who are eager to work, but these postings also provide our youth with positive and meaningful opportunities.

“Anna was an excellent employee! Not only did she perform all of her assigned tasks, but took the initiative to find other helpful things to do.”

Job Bank for motivated youth

Our motivated youth (approximately 500 student members) are job-ready in areas that include but are not limited to: office administration (filing, data entry, using MS Office Suite, making phone calls, mailings, etc.), customer service, food service, event assistance, childcare, gardening, and more.

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“Alyson arrived on time and followed directions efficiently. Such a great worker. We will definitely have her back to work again.”