Our Current Partners

“I would never have gotten my first job at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco if it wasn’t for Enterprise. I’ve had the opportunity to witness what a great community Kaiser creates for its employees and clients. These job openings have changed my life for the better and gave me chances to succeed in places where I never would have access if I wasn’t in Enterprise.”

Why become an Enterprise partner and work with our youth?


  • Motivated to achieve excellence – our students are hungry for opportunities to contribute. Motivation is one of the most important attributes we look for when admitting students into the program.


  • Trained in hard and soft skills – graduates complete a 10 week training program in job skills such as resume and cover letter writing, phone and web etiquette, professional dress and overall workplace professionalism. All graduates learn and practice professional skills such as business communication, customer service, conflict resolution and money management.


  • Longevity – Enterprise has been working with the local San Francisco community for almost 50 years. Over 20,000 students have completed our programs.

To learn more about becoming a partner, please contact Chris Rubeo.


Our corporate donors


Enterprise for Youth sponsors - WellsfargoEnterprise for Youth sponsors - SquareEnterprise for Youth sponsors - SalesforceEnterprise for Youth sponsors - ParksEnterprise for Youth sponsors - Olympic Club RFCEnterprise for Youth sponsors - KaiserEnterprise for Youth sponsors - GapEnterprise for Youth sponsors - First Bank Republic


Arthur and Charlotte Zitrin Foundation
Banana Republic
Brettkelly Family Foundation
Bryan Cave, LLP
Buena Vista Neighborhood Association
Dodge & Cox
Downey Family Foundation
Farella Braun + Martel
First Republic Bank
First Republic Bank Foundation
Fort Mason Center
Gap Foundation
Gap Inc.
George Sandy Foundation
GGS Foundation
Goals for Autism
Google Food
Henry Mayo Newhall Foundation
Interstice Architects

Jumpstart for Young Children
Kaiser Permanente
Kimball Foundation
Miranda Lux Foundation
Office of Supervisor Katy Tang
Office of Supervisor Ahsha Safai
Old Navy
The Olympic Club
Olympic Club Foundation
Quest Foundation
San Francisco Ballet
San Francisco Community Challenge Grant
San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Their Families
San Francisco Department of Public Health
San Francisco Department of Recreation and Park
San Francisco Public Defender’s Office, Juvenile Unit

San Francisco SPCA
San Francisco Surgery Center
San Francisco VA Medical Center: Nutritional Services
Serenity Dental Spa
Sidley Austin Foundation
Simon Breitbard Fine Arts
Southern Exposure
Square, Inc.
Stanley Langendorf Foundation
Stuart Foundation
The Representation Project
Up on Top Afterschool Summer Program
Wells Fargo Foundation

“Over the years, we’ve worked with many different non-profit organizations, and Enterprise stands out in the way that it addresses and plans for long-term sustainability, staff development, infrastructure, and other issues that are making Enterprise a healthier, more effective organization right now, and for the upcoming years.”
– Gap Foundation

Our individual donors


Austin Memorial Foundation
Bothin Foundation
Design Leadership Network
Trudy and William Drypolcher
The Gap Foundation
The GGS Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
The Olympic Club
The San Francisco Challenge Grant
The San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and their Families
The Stuart Foundation
Andy and Kelly Anderson
Marcy and David Bergman
Diane Blattner Kresal
The Bothin Foundation
Paula and Bandel Carano
Marion M. Cope
Dana and Robert Emery
Michael Franzia
John A. and Cynthiaia and John Fry Gunn
The George Sandy Foundation
Michele Goss II
Kathryn Money
The Olympic Club Foundation
O.J. and Gary Shansby
Kip Thieriot
Myles Vander Weele
Diane B. Wilsey
The Wiseman Group
Rosana Yu Han
Victoria and Richard Zitrin
Kate and John Aiken
Dale and Linda Baker
Dalana Brand
Barbara Brown
Nina Carroll
Mary Lou Castellanos
David J. Cohen
Joan Corrigan
Phoebe Cowles and Robert Girard
Dodge & Cox
James and Jean Douglas,
Shawn and Andrea Dublin
Dave and Kate English
Tracy and Mark Evans
Elliot Evers
Fisher Weisman
Launce and Joan Gamble
Gap, Inc.
Laurie Ghielmetti
Scott and Terry Gross
Tracey and Paul Haigney
Kay Harrigan Woods
Heather Hilliard Design
Leslie and George Hume
Shahid Hussain
Pepper and Michael Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Jacobs
Jay Jeffers
Mrs. Lucille Jewett Jewett
Rupert and Maryellie Johnson
Lindsay and Peter Joost
Letitia and Michael Kim
Gretchen B. Kimball
Sally and James Klingbeil
The Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation
Julie Lloyd
Nion McEvoy and Leslie Berriman
Carole McNeil
Phyllis Moldaw
Diane Morris
David Newsom
Bill and Susan Oberndorf
Dorothy and Kenneth Paige
Nancy and Paul Pelosi
Joseph Petitti
Therese Post
Mr. and Mrs. Steven MacGregor Read
Delanie and Peter Read
Paul Sack and Shirley Davis
Gil Schafer, Architect PLLC
Helen and Charles Schwab
Charles Schwab
Jason Sinnarajah
Francois and Andrew Skurman
Millicent and George Susens
Glady Thacher
Nancy and Sidney Unobskey
Lonna Wais
Wells Fargo Foundation
Kendall Wilkinson
Barbara A. Wolfe
Dolores and Wilbur Woo
Jane and Dean Woodman
Artistic Design for Living, LLC
Richard Beard
Richard Beard Architects
Samantha and Darren Bechtel
Sandra Berrey
Cecilia and George Brazil
Toby and An Brown
Carolyn and Preston Butcher

Butler Armsden Architects
Regina Callan Design
David and Karin Chamberlain
Jason Chang
Tammy Connor
Valerie Cooper
Michael and Holly Cuggino
Paula de Vos
Geoffrey DeSousa
Jeanne Dewitt
Susan and Tony DiStefano
Douglas Durkin Design
Lexie and Bob Ellsworth
Michael Feldman
Ken Fulk Inc.
Nanette Gordon and Krista Coupar
Laura Grollmus
Mimi and Peter Haas Fund
Sheldon Harte of Harte Brownlee and Associates
Marco Heithaus
Kelly Hohla and Alana Dorn
Stephanie Hunt, Flairhunter
Hyde Park Mouldings
IDF Studio
Arlene Inch
JKA Design
David Kensington
Jeff King and Company
Alecia Kuhn
Ken Linsteadt Architects
Edward Lobrano
Janelle Loevner
Ann Lowengart Interiors, LLC
Catherine Macfee
The Malin Family
The Martin Group
Antonio Martins Interior Design
Stephanie and Jim Marver
Joan and Robert McGrath
Mrs. Anne G. McWilliams
Mr. and Mrs. William Moorhouse, Jr.
Deborah and Kenneth Novack
Yurie and Carl Pascarella
Victoria Penfield
Kate Perry
Alison Pincus
Kathleen S. Pomeroy
Jonathan Rachman
Christopher Redlich and Susan Boeing
Victoria Rosauer
Holly and Karl Samantha Todhunter Design
Jeff Schlarb Design Studio
Scott & Warner Builders, Inc.
Ian Stallings Design
Stancil Studios Inc.
Madeline Stuart
Eugene Studio Nahemow
Sutro Architects
Pasha and Laney Thornton
M/M Joseph O. Tobin III
Alexis and Trevor Traina
Geddes Ulinskas
Nicholas Vincent Design
Jennifer and Steve Walske
Anne G. Ward
Amy Weaver Design
Kristi Will
Willem Racke Studio, Inc.
Bunny Williams
Lisa Zabelle
Zeterre Landscape Architecture
Amy Abbott
AIG/Northstar (together)
American International Group
Roulhac and Tom Austin
Axiant Group
Deborah Ballati, Esq.
David Barlow
Constance Goodyear
Baron and Barry C. Baron
Albert Bartridge, Jr.
David and Victoria Bausman
Ken Baxter
Paula Bennett
Belinda Berry
Kathy Best
Donna Bland
Wendy and Charlie Bolton
Carol and Shelby Bonnie
Beatrice V. Bowles
Leann Boyd
Caroline Brinckerhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Brubaker
Donna Burkhead
Ninive Calegari
Greg and Kathy Calegari
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Callander
Mark Calvano
Capitol Wealth Management
Steve Carnevale
Frank Caufield
Thomas and Linda Coates
Jean-Pierre Conte
Krista Coupar

Jeanie Craig
Gail De Martini
Geoffrey De Sousa
Fred Delanoy and Jane Witter
Norm and Kathy DeWitt
Edward Diao
Keith Doerge
Alana Dorn
Nicholas Eaton
Sarah Esterkyn
David Evans
Nancy Evars
Elizabeth and Coburn Everdell
Ellen Fair
Edward Fanucchi
Lesli and Robert Fellman
First Bank
Randi and Bob Fisher
Mary Lynne and John Franzia
Kendra Frisbie
Jim Gallagher
Marie Gibilaro
Malin Giddings
Krista Giovara
Cindy Grand
Sallie Griffith
D.J. Grubb
Linda and Jon Gruber
Mrs. William Hamilton Hamilton
William Harris
William Harris and Nicholas Casagrande
Alison Heather
Jessica Herzog
Austin and Sara Hills
Kathryn Hobart
Jeanie Hocking
Jeffrey Holt
Antonia Hotung
Elizabeth and Zachary Hulsey
Leslie Jessop
Jewish Community Endowment Fund
Emily Joubert
Nancy Kami
Thammanoune Kannalikham
Thomas Kennedy
Loren Kieve
Sue King
Laura King Pfaff
Elizabeth Larned
Matthew Leverone
Sarah Lewis
Melissa Li
Susan Lind Chastain, Inc.
Lynn and Craig Lubbock
Richard MacAlmon
Buffy Maguire
Katherine Malkin
Peter and Mirella Margolis
Claudio Mariani
Susie and Pat McBaine
Tillie McCullough
Michele and Chris Meany
Peter J. Merlone
Steven Merrill
Josephine Meskan
David and Anne Mills
Nancy and George Montgomery, Jr.
Joshua Morgan, III
Neiman Marcus San Francisco
Joan Alexander Nitis
Friends of Sotheby’s
Leo Parrella
Mark Patel
Laura and Rick Pfaff
Michael Pittman
Bill and Mary Poland
Mrs. David L. Pratt Pratt
Nina Proctor
Anna-Becky Redlich
William Reller
Dr. and Mrs. Brunno Ristow
Kathryn Rivera
Ross Stores
Louise Rush and John H. Bell
Sande Schlumberger and Roxane Schlumberger Hume
Amanda Shoemaker Teal
Lydia Shorenstein
Gregory Sieck
Evie Simon
Wayne and Diane Sklar
Mike Smith
Benjamin Soleimani
Thomas E. Sparks, Jr.
Donald R. and Patricia Stephens
Christine Suppes
Laura Tinthoff
Maryjo Tisor and Todd Kaplan
United Way of the Bay Area
Van Acker Construction
Phyllis Washington and Maison Felice
Anne Waterman
Elizabeth Webb
Faith Wheeler and John Lamar
Alex Witherill
Bill Witte and Keiko Sakamoto