TWA Faces 1-PathwaysPathways Workshops Build Skills and Confidence.

Pathways is a career awareness and job readiness program aimed to prepare high school students for the world of work while exposing them to meaningful educational and career opportunities. Pathways currently cycles three times in the year – during the fall, spring, and summer. The exact program timeline and schedule will vary per cycle. Interested in learning more about Pathways? Sign up for an info session here!


Program Activities Include:

  • Workshop topics on career development, job readiness, working environment, money management, time management, & effective communication
  • Mock interviews with various professionals in our organization & company partnerships
  • Individual check-ins with a job counselor to explore educational-career pathways
  • Ongoing constructive feedback on individualized employment portfolio and interviewing skills
  • Access to various job shadows and individualized college support
  • Opportunity to apply to jobs in our job bank!


Student Eligibility:

  • Youth enrolled in High School (9th-12th) or in a GED Program
  • Youth that attend school in San Francisco or live in San Francisco
  • No GPA requirement
  • Seeking career awareness and job readiness training
  • Looking for employment in San Francisco Bay Area
  • Able to commit to a 10-week program


Interested in learning more about Pathways? Sign up for an info session here!

  • Meet our job counselors and ask them questions about the program
  • Gain support in navigating the application process
  • Learn about our Job Bank and available jobs
  • Learn about our summer employment opportunities
  • Learn about the year-round programs
  • Learn about our Pathways Alumni
  • Meet other youth interested in applying for the program


To download Student Application, click here.

To download Pathways Flyer, click here.

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For frequently asked questions about Pathways, click here.



Funded by the Children’s Fund


Recent Pathways Program Graduates had this to say:

“The staff member who taught our workshops gave us advice based on her own experiences…her enthusiasm, dedication and positive outlook has made me more confident in my endeavors.”

“I have learned that anything is possible. I was always afraid of jobs because of interviews and messing up. Now I feel like I can talk in an interview without being so nervous.”

“They provided me with a network of helpful individuals.”

“They encouraged me to try new things, meet new people and reach higher.”