Meet our Youth

“…it’s been one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in my life …I’d recommend Enterprise in a heartbeat…”

“I thought Enterprise was just a resource to get students’ jobs. I found out it was much more than that…I found myself visiting Enterprise every two weeks, even after I was done with the program…the people that I worked with there, I had a relationship with them.”

“My experience at Enterprise was amazing. There are a lot of skills and people that I met that are very valuable in my life and currently right now…”

“I realized I can accomplish anything in the professional world if I have the right help; I certainly got that help at Enterprise”



Cal found his way to Enterprise as a 15 year old sophomore at CMA. He had just made the age cutoff to join and looked at our program as a way to a job and possibly a way out of his financial situation.

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Elaine found Enterprise at the beginning of her junior year through a friend in homeroom. She had decided that joining clubs and organizations could help bring her out of what she called her “turtle shell” and shyness. Once she joined she never stopped blossoming and growing.

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Granger came to Enterprise as a sophomore at Balboa High School at the urging of his mother who felt he could be doing more with his spare time than sitting at home. Granger comes from a family of hard workers who moved to San Francisco before he was born but moved back to China when Granger was in the first grade.

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“…it’s been one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in my life …I’d recommend Enterprise in a heartbeat…”

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Joyce joined Enterprise because she heard from friends about the great workshops, job opportunities, and the fact they accepted ALL students (not specific to an income level or neighborhood). Growing up as an only child with few professional role models, Joyce knew that it was important to learn the job readiness skills and have professional opportunities.

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“Enterprise has been an amazing experience. I would say it’s one of the best things I’ve done in my life.”

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Meena’s parents immigrated to San Francisco from Pakistan where they raised Mena and her four sisters. Meena was at Mission high school for two years where she was incredibly shy…; in her junior year she transferred to Galileo where she felt that she could live up to her potential better, it was then she also found Enterprise.

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Getting a job and working hard has always been a huge emphasis in the Chen family and was the reason that Qinglin originally applied for the Pathways program. Enterprise was her path into the job world and she knew that by coming here she would learn the skills needed to give her that first opportunity.

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