Meet Our Partners: SF Supervisor Katy Tang

Staff Note: I was delighted when I was asked to write about our relationship with Katy Tang and her office, who have done so much for Enterprise over the years!

Katy Tang is a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, representing District 4. She was first appointed to the position on February 27, 2013, and I knew that I wanted her office to be the first in City Hall that I reached out to regarding possible internships for our youth.

What appealed to me was that Katy is a native San Franciscan; she attended Lowell High School and UC Davis for her undergraduate degree. When I looked at her trajectory, I KNEW that her story would truly resonate with our youth; boy, was I right!

After my first meeting with Katy and her staff they agreed to take on an intern that summer. We are now going into our fourth summer with her office and we often use our experience with her to encourage new Supervisors to also host our students over the summer.  Our youth always rave about the experience they receive and many of them either live in District 4 (the Sunset) or attended Lowell, making them feel even more connected to the internship and her office.

We are delighted to have Katy and staff as part of our Enterprise community and appreciate everything they have done for our youth over the past four years! THANK YOU!

[Intro by Iliana Martinez | Manager, Business and Strategic Partners]

District 4 Supervisor Katy Tang has been hosting Enterprise CEP interns since 2014!

Name: Katy Tang

Company: San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Role: District 4 Supervisor

Years working with Enterprise: 3 years

Which Enterprise program(s) are you involved with? Career Exploration Program (CEP)

How many Enterprise students have you worked with over the years? 2

Favorite memory working with Enterprise? Attending the presentations put on by interns who have completed their internships, and seeing what they learned through their eyes.

What is the most rewarding part about working with Enterprise? Meeting new interns who I normally would not have had the opportunity to work with.

What would you tell possible partners about your experience and why they should work with our youth? Enterprise is very organized and brings great interns!

First job? Assistant at a political consulting company

Favorite high school subject? French, even though it was incredibly difficult.

Your personal career path? It has gone in many different directions. I worked hard towards various goals early on in high school and also in college. I thought I was going to work as a nurse or a journalist, but never a government official.

How did you choose to partner with Enterprise? Enterprise approached our office.

One piece of advice to give a student starting their first job? Work hard at whatever you?re doing because you never know where life will take you. Stay true to your passions and always be honest with yourself. Don?t stress too much with doing what society thinks is best for you. If you see a career path or a job that does not exist, create it on your own.