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Enterprise Youth Hired From His Internship

“I’m 18 and got a job that pays really well and if not for the skills Enterprise gave me I’m not sure I would have gotten that job.” -Bruno Costanzo

Bruno Costanzo made the right connections through Enterprise for Youth: his summer internship at Vendex Solutions turned into a job offer. Bruno, a senior at Independence High School starts as a Research Analyst in the new year!

Before joining Enterprise, Bruno, a charismatic high school student who loves to create and build, found it pretty hard to get a job despite some previous work and volunteer experiences. But after brushing up his resume with help from Enterprise, he reported that he heard back from almost all the jobs to which he applied. 

Through our program, Bruno was placed at an internship with the Fintech company, Vendex Solutions, a marketplace for financial technology solutions. He hadn’t previously considered working at a company like Vendex but found it interesting. As an intern, he researched companies, people, and products, and created profiles for them. Bruno impressed his supervisor with his data transmutation, research, and writing skills. At the conclusion of this internship, Vendex was pleased to extend Bruno’s employment. Bruno now sees working in Fintech as a potential career path.

We Zoom’d with Bruno to learn more about his experience at Enterprise…

Why should youth join?

“I would encourage any kid to join Enterprise. I haven’t seen anyone who joined Enterprise who thought it was a waste of time. It’s for everyone. Everyone can be a part of it. I think it’s a great thing and great use of time and energy.”

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Why did you join Enterprise?

“I learn through meeting people. Enterprise has those connections and they are available and that’s really something that I felt was really important and I think that I uniquely took away from the program.”

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Why should someone donate to Enterprise?

“Enterprise not only equips people with skills but provides youth with opportunities they would not have had in the first place. They reach kids who don’t have certain privileges. There aren’t many organizations doing that and that’s a really cool thing. If people want to donate to Enterprise that helps future generations.”


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By Margan Mulvihill, Associate Director of Development and Communications at Enterprise for Youth