• An Alumni and Former Staff Member’s Ten Year Journey with Enterprise for Youth “I owe it to Enterprise for being where I am today.”—Krista Apolonio, Senior Technical Sourcer, Artificial Intelligence at Cruise Krista Apolonio began her journey with Enterprise for Youth in 2011 as a shy teenager. She learned of
  • I really appreciate learning about designing an app. I absolutely enjoyed each day and getting to meet new people. Something that I learned throughout the past three days is clustering ideas when brainstorming, and I will be sure to use that in the future.—Stephanie Wu The User Experience Workshop with
  • Bruno headshot
    “I’m 18 and got a job that pays really well and if not for the skills Enterprise gave me I’m not sure I would have gotten that job.” -Bruno Costanzo Bruno Costanzo made the right connections through Enterprise for Youth: his summer internship at Vendex Solutions turned into a job
  • “I owe a lot of my career to Enterprise. It’s how I got my first job. People there really want to do the best for you and help you out.” — Carmen Sze, Enterprise for Youth Alumna Carmen Sze, Enterprise for Youth Alumna, Principal Revenue Accountant, Puppet Enterprise alumna Carmen
  • We are pleased to welcome four new members of the Board of Directors: Donna Boyer, Dr. Daniel Burnett, Tynnetta McIntosh, and Ana Moraga Archila. Enterprise for Youth’s Board provides leadership, expertise in a variety of fields, and financial support for our nonprofit. We are grateful to have these new board
  • By Kathy Dao, Communications intern at Enterprise for Youth Since 1969, Enterprise for Youth has had a tremendous impact on the lives of over 25,000 young people, from their job-readiness training and a wide selection of internships to their job bank and other leadership opportunities like Youth Council. Enjoy the