• Chief Executive Officer Nínive Calegari with Founder Glady Thacher Dear friends of Enterprise, Enterprise’s 2020 youth impact was powerful despite the fact that the year was filled with serious challenges. You are the reason we can look back on 2020 with pride. On behalf of the staff, Board, and our
  • An Alumni and Former Staff Member’s Ten Year Journey with Enterprise for Youth “I owe it to Enterprise for being where I am today.”—Krista Apolonio, Senior Technical Sourcer, Artificial Intelligence at Cruise Krista Apolonio began her journey with Enterprise for Youth in 2011 as a shy teenager. She learned of
  • I really appreciate learning about designing an app. I absolutely enjoyed each day and getting to meet new people. Something that I learned throughout the past three days is clustering ideas when brainstorming, and I will be sure to use that in the future.—Stephanie Wu The User Experience Workshop with
  • Bruno headshot
    “I’m 18 and got a job that pays really well and if not for the skills Enterprise gave me I’m not sure I would have gotten that job.” -Bruno Costanzo Bruno Costanzo made the right connections through Enterprise for Youth: his summer internship at Vendex Solutions turned into a job
  • “I owe a lot of my career to Enterprise. It’s how I got my first job. People there really want to do the best for you and help you out.” — Carmen Sze, Enterprise for Youth Alumna Carmen Sze, Enterprise for Youth Alumna, Principal Revenue Accountant, Puppet Enterprise alumna Carmen
  • We are pleased to welcome four new members of the Board of Directors: Donna Boyer, Dr. Daniel Burnett, Tynnetta McIntosh, and Ana Moraga Archila. Enterprise for Youth’s Board provides leadership, expertise in a variety of fields, and financial support for our nonprofit. We are grateful to have these new board