• By Interns Minnie Yu and Kathy Dao Through our partnership with Parnassus Investments, two Enterprise for Youth interns were able to attend the Ceres Conference where hundreds of institutional investors, corporate executives, policymakers, and regulators called for the urgent, necessary, and achievable actions we must take today to transform tomorrow.
  • Program Assistants Last year we recruited alumni from our job-readiness training and internship program to help usher in the next generation of youth into their careers. Being mentored by those who have already gone through the program is an amazing opportunity since the youth will be exposed to Program Assistants
  • BATS Improv facilitators, Mark and Ceci, lead Youth Council through some theatre exercises By Josh Ko, Youth Workforce Development Manager BATS Improv team has operated as one of the top and longest-running improv schools in the Bay Area since 1986. Personally, I have always loved to watch improv comedy, and
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    By Katalina Mendoza, Enterprise for Youth Program Associate Aya Rector speaks about a moment in her life when she felt silenced but then found her voice. Being a facilitator with Enterprise’s Reimagine Internship has given me the opportunity to work with amazing Latina and Black women wanting to make changes
  • Chief Executive Officer Nínive Calegari with Founder Glady Thacher Dear friends of Enterprise, Enterprise’s 2020 youth impact was powerful despite the fact that the year was filled with serious challenges. You are the reason we can look back on 2020 with pride. On behalf of the staff, Board, and our
  • An Alumni and Former Staff Member’s Ten Year Journey with Enterprise for Youth “I owe it to Enterprise for being where I am today.”—Krista Apolonio, Senior Technical Sourcer, Artificial Intelligence at Cruise Krista Apolonio began her journey with Enterprise for Youth in 2011 as a shy teenager. She learned of