• By Kathy Dao, Communications intern at Enterprise for Youth Since 1969, Enterprise for Youth has had a tremendous impact on the lives of over 25,000 young people, from their job-readiness training and a wide selection of internships to their job bank and other leadership opportunities like Youth Council. Enjoy the
  • “If it wasn’t for Enterprise for Youth, I would have given up on applying for jobs especially now that it’s so hard to find jobs. But after losing my job at Target during the pandemic, I remained hopeful because I learned that there are always jobs out there and that
  • October marks the kick-off of our new program cycle, and we are excited to keep providing amazing opportunities to the young people of San Francisco. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our program has been able to provide participants job-readiness training, access to high-level professional development workshops, and opportunities to grow leadership
  • I am truly grateful to our team for putting the young people first in this very, very challenging time. The program team, the finance team, and the development team all found paths to teach, engage, support, and nourish a talented group of young people. There were many differences running our
  • Excerpt taken from out 2020 Impact Report. To the Enterprise for Youth Community, To say that 2020 has been a year like no other is at best cliché at this point.  Certainly, as I write this letter, I am still stunned by how different it is from what I would
  • Board Member Brent Hyder (Salesforce) tells guests of Heroes at Work why he believes deeply in our work Salesforce is a tremendous partner that contributes the full spectrum of its resources to support Enterprise for Youth. From investing in our programs through generous foundation grants to leveraging leadership to participate