Our Mission

About Enterprise for Youth

Enterprise for Youth empowers young people to prepare for and discover career opportunities.

Youth cultivate their individual interests and potential through training, guidance, and employment experiences in supportive and diverse environments.

Enterprise youth build confidence and skills through workshops, one-on-one guidance, and career exploration. Then they put those new skills into practice through employment and internships.

Learning in a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment, Enterprise for Youth members gain more than valuable skills and training. They acquire confidence. They build trusting relationships with supportive adults and they serve as role models for their peers.

“For low income youth, early access to economic opportunity is critical- 43% of Americans raised at the bottom of the income ladder remain stuck there as adults… By 2025 sixty-five percent of the jobs in the United States will require some postsecondary education, training or credential- up from 28% in the 1970s. These heightened expectations mean that it’s more essential than ever for young people to gain work experience and skills today to enable them to compete in the global workforce in the future.”

-Expanding Economic Opportunity for Youth through Summer Jobs
JP Morgan Chase & Co., 2016

Our Impact

A job during high school can put a young person on the path to a fulfilling future.

Job SkillsFuture Prospects

Multiple research studies show that:

  • Young people who work during high school are more responsible and have better time and financial management skills.
  • A job in high school has a positive impact on future earnings and occupational status.
  • There is a strong link between working during high school and attaining a job right after graduation.
  • Low income youth who work a moderate amount while in high school are 50% more likely to graduate high school.

*Source: Long term impacts study by Natalia Van Doren, U.C. Berkeley, July 2015

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