Meet Our Youth: Dianne Tacandong

Staff Note: I am thrilled to say that I was Dianne?s Job Counselor in Pathways this past Fall. Not only is she warm-spirited but also extremely inquisitive, self-disciplined, and compassionate. She continuously makes the effort to connect with her peers. We?re proud to have Dianne as one of our amazing members!

[Intro by Alexis Davis | Youth Development Specialist]

Dianne recently completed Pathways as part of the Fall 2016 cohort. We are so excited to have her join the Enterprise community!


Name: Dianne Tacandong

School: Lowell High School

Grade: 9th

Who was your job counselor?
Alexis Davis

Favorite workshop or activity?
Always the interviews.

What do you do in your free time?
Read and eat.

Favorite school subject?
Physical Education

Favorite snack?
Nestl? Crunch

Have you applied for a job since graduating from the program? If so, what is it?
I have applied for a Retail Associate position because I feel like it would help improve my ability to communicate, adapt, and lead.

Do you feel that being part of the Pathways Program gave you more of an idea of what you want to do after high school?
I feel like the Pathways Program will give me an idea of what I want to do once I participate in one of the summer internship opportunities.

Tell us about any new friends you made in Pathways.
I have met numerous people with different ethnicities, cultures, and traits. It was great to meet people with a different mindset than I have.

How did you feel going into the final assessment?
I was pretty confident in myself because now I know what to expect during one.

Final thoughts or comments:
The Pathways Program was an amazing experience to go through with other people around my age. I’ve finally realized that everyone has different thoughts towards different things and now knowing that, I’ve become a better person.