Thank you for donating to create brighter futures for youth.

Your contribution to Enterprise for Youth will support our mission to empower under-resourced San Francisco youth to reach their potential through transformative paid internship experiences supported by a community of employers, caring adults, and peers.

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  • Enterprise for Youth, 2021 Fillmore Street, Suite 192, San Francisco, CA 94115

Why Give To Enterprise For Youth

  • Your support reaches young people with multiple barriers to success.
  • Work experience is vital for youth who are at risk of becoming disconnected.
  • We serve hundreds of under-resourced students each year in caring and supportive environments.
  • Youth who have early work experience have more opportunities for success later in life.
  • Investing in young people builds more just, inclusive, and resilient economies.
  • Our youth are the future at work.

Your Impact


Covers the full cost of one life-changing internship (wages, benefits, training, and administration).


Covers youth wages and benefits for a summer internship.


Pays stipends for four youth to complete our job-readiness program.


Provides training opportunities to youth.


Provides one young person with one hour of paid work.

“The promise of youth is our best and only incubator for our

community’s future and well-being of our imperiled planet.”

Glady Thacher

Enterprise for Youth’s Founder Francisco

“I realized I had skills that I didn’t even know were valuable.”

Joanne Yen

San Francisco City Hall Intern, 2021