Meet the Team: Michael

Michael with Shantel, Manager of Finance and Administration.

N?nive Calegari (our new CEO)  and Michael Huang (our Finance Assistant) had a lunch conversation last week. Michael is a graduate of Enterprise?s Career Exploration Program (CEP) and is now working as an employee at Enterprise. They ate sushi on Battery Street while having the following conversation. Enjoy.

N?nive: How did you first get involved with Enterprise?

Michael: I was at Lincoln High School at the time. I had just finished my lunch and was heading to the first floor bathroom. Mario (Enterprise staffer) was standing there and when I walked by and Mario said, ?Hi, how are you? Would you like to have a summer job?? After Mario talked me into applying, I asked a friend to come to Enterprise with me and we went. That was October 2015. We graduated (from Lincoln High School) and I got into CEP.

N?nive: What was the best part of working with CEP?

Michael: The best part of being part of CEP was working with Shantel. She is hardworking and organized. She taught me all about Excel. I also learned to be more professional from her, and how to restrain yourself.

N?nive: I didn’t know how to do that! Yet.

Michael laughs.

Michael: I learned how to solve problems with her. She taught me that you have to be calm. Shantel is literally dealing with millions of dollars. She does most of the hard work. I do the easy stuff.

N?nive: You know, you are funny. I am funny, too. You must spend a lot of time laughing with your friends.

Michael: Only on the weekends.

Michael and Ninive both laugh.

Michael: When I started, I worked with Shantel for a week and then and she went to Hawaii. So, I was on my own and had to solve problems.

N?nive: How did you do that???  Did the bills get paid that week??

Michael: Some of them.

Michael and Ninive laugh again.

Michael: Seriously, I got help. The job has been great because I have learned programs, I know about money and checks and systems. And, I like helping others. The staff need us to solve their problems sometimes and I enjoy helping them. That is everything I?ve learned working with Shantel.

N?nive: What what makes you unique in your family?

Michael:I like exercise. On my day off I like to work out.. Actually I don?t like it. I do it for results.

N?nive: What should I should I do to improve Enterprise?

Michael: I think everything is great!