Left: N?nive Calegari, Enterprise CEO; Right: Michael Franzia, Board President

Michael Franzia has been a generous and impactful supporter of Enterprise for Youth and The Fall Art & Antiques Show for many years. We are thrilled to now have him serving as Board President. We sat down with him briefly to discuss his thoughts on the importance of the work Enterprise does and what he looks forward to most at the Show.


How long have you been involved with Enterprise for Youth?

I joined the Enterprise Board in late 2011, so about six-and-a-half years now.


What drew you to this nonprofit?

I had served on another youth-focused nonprofit board and found Enterprise?s mission compelling. I thought the opportunities Enterprise provides youth were powerful: job readiness programming and training, career exploration, summer internships, and job bank opportunities. I was drawn to Enterprise too, because their local impact on youth knows no boundaries. There?s no qualifier to become an Enterprise student. Any student from any San Francisco school can become a part of the Enterprise for Youth family and benefit from the amazing, life-altering opportunities.


Why are the workshops and internships Enterprise offers so important?

Youth are our collective future. Any opportunity to enlighten students as to the realities that await them in the working world is a good thing. Who would have thought that some youth have never had the opportunity to write their resume, feel comfortable and confident during a telephone interview, understand the importance of a hand-written thank you note or being punctual? It?s the little things that, when taught from a young age, provide youth with guidance and hope. The workshops and internships are also important in that they aid youth in developing the skills, confidence, and assurance they need to be successful, as long as they are willing to work for it.


What one piece of advice would you give a graduating high school student?

Stay resilient, be present, and be persistent. Build and maintain a strong network of supporters, surround yourself with people whom you admire, people who model behavior you respect and whose actions inspire you.


What one thing do you look forward to every year at The Fall Art & Antiques Show?

Without a doubt it?s the Show, in and of itself! The opening night Gala is such a fun event where the combination of people, food, art, antiques, and design is incomparable. But, I have to say that returning to the Show on any one of the four Show days is a wonderful way to rediscover things. The lecture series is also something that draws me back each year.


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