#WhyIVolunteer with Kristine Santaniello



Young Professionals Group (YPG) members Kristine, Alia and Chris.

Name: Kristine Santaniello

Hometown: Concord, CA

Your first job: Old Navy, retail associate

Your current job: Accounting Lecturer, San Jose State University


What do you love about your career?

I love being able to help students and mentor them in the world of business, something that I was fortunate enough to have in college as well.


How did you hear about Enterprise? How long have you been a volunteer/mentor/etc?

I heard about it through the Events Chair of the Young Professionals Group (YPG), Jen Hung.


Why do you volunteer?

For the same reason I love my job — I love to give guidance on areas that aren?t taught in school, yet extremely important to survive as an adult.


Can you tell me about a mentor who was important in your professional development?

Mary Calegari was an Accounting Professor of mine who really gave me guidance throughout my college and professional career.


What?s your favorite part of working with Enterprise for Youth?

Volunteering and getting to talk with the youth.


What advice do you have for a student applying for their first job?

Your personality and character are more important than you think – make sure you emphasize the lovely parts of what makes you unique. It?s not just about the skills you?ve obtained in school or at odd end jobs.