#YouthSpotlight: Youth Council Senior Catherine D.



Name Catherine D.

High School Jefferson High School (Daly City)

Plans for next year Attending UC Davis and studying Political Science, minor in either International Relations or Environmental Science

Programs completed at Enterprise Youth Council, also worked at various events (Private Collections, Heroes at Work)


What has been your favorite part of Youth Council?

My favorite part was receiving opportunities to expand my horizons and just learn more about opportunities to grow as a leader. One of my favorite experiences in Youth Council was at Heroes at Work, and at my table there was a lawyer, and I?ve never talked to a lawyer before, so it was a cool experience.


What skills have you learned on Youth Council? How will you bring these skills with you to your future?

Time management and teamwork, and just using your voice. I want to use these skills in the future so I can grow into a more confident leader and accomplish everything that I want to more effectively.


What advice would you give to future Youth Councillors?

My advice is to really work hard in this program, because it provides a lot of good opportunities to grow as a leader.


Tell us about your final project. What was your role during the process?

Our final project was a video centered around gun control. I was in the Interview/Outreach committee. I interviewed people I knew, and outreached to different organizations to see if they had any information or wanted to be involved in the project. It was a very good learning experience to just get out of my comfort zone and talk to other people who I normally wouldn?t meet. I really liked the project, because it inspired me and helped me gain hope that people actually care about this issue.


In your opinion, what makes a great leader?

I think a great leader is selfless and caring, and they?re always looking for new ways to grow as a better leader. They?re never content with how they?re progressing – they always want to do better and better. They want to inspire others to grow as leaders, so not only are they a leader, but they help other people to become leaders as well.