Thank you to the incredible Olympic Club members and staff for supporting the 2018 Junior Caddie Program!


This valuable program, which provides San Francisco high school students with the extraordinary opportunity to caddie at one of the country?s finest golf courses, is a 17- year partnership between Enterprise for Youth and The Olympic Club. It offers a diverse group of high school students the opportunity to learn the game of golf, network with successful professionals, apply for unique scholarship opportunities, and build a solid work ethic. The youth learn how rising early, working hard, and having a positive attitude can lead to wonderful opportunities. Caddies walk away from this experience with a sense of confidence, purpose, and commitment to working towards a successful future.

Another beneficial component of this program is the scholarship opportunities. Caddies can apply to the David Rawson Memorial Scholarship and be awarded up to $4,000, and/or the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship and be awarded full tuition and housing for all four years of college. This year?s caddies were the eighth group to be considered for the David Rawson Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship was established in memory of young David Rawson, who was passionate about golf and a member of The Olympic Club?s Junior Golf Section. A committee consisting of two Olympic Club members, Enterprise?s CEO, and the Junior Caddie Program Director evaluated scholarship applications from those Junior Caddies who had completed their junior or senior year of high school and who plan to attend college.

The committee decided to award two scholarships to two rising seniors: $2000 was awarded to Andrew Green and Riley McCall. Each of these young men have caddied for two summers now and credit their time at The Olympic Club with building their confidence in engaging with new adults and advocating to be requested for future rounds.

Riley is now a senior at Gateway High School and has been a member of Enterprise for Youth for over two years. Riley was so eager to participate in the Junior Caddie Program that he applied to be a caddie before he became an Enterprise member. After graduation he hopes to attend University of Washington, University of Oregon, or a UC. He would like to study engineering or business.

Andrew is a senior at Lowell High School and joined Enterprise in spring 2017. He promptly applied for the caddie program and has participated both of his eligible summers. His next steps after high school will be attending University of Oregon or University of Boulder, where he plans to study business or international relations.

This year, we also have the remarkable opportunity to honor two caddies who won the prestigious Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship. Hannah Heller and Jacqueline Yip have both received tuition and housing at the University of Washington for all four years of college. These two young women attended Lowell High School and caddied for three exciting and fulfilling summers. They are extremely grateful to the Olympic Club members who support the Junior Caddie Program. Their experience at The Olympic Club has given them the opportunity to be more proactive in communicating and advocating for themselves. For example, instead of sitting on the bench waiting for golfers to request a caddie, they would approach a golfer and ask if the golfer would like a caddie for their round . Hannah plans to study business and Jackie plans on going into biological science. They are very excited to be part of the first Evans Scholarship cohort to live in the Evans House at University of Washington.

The Olympic Club staff and the members who hire Junior Caddies are vital to the success of the program. The program runs from Memorial Day through August each summer, and caddies are available for hire on Saturdays and Sundays. Golfers enjoy the caddies? assistance, as well as the chance to get to know these young people. They mentor them and talk with them about their future plans and truly make a difference in their lives.

If you would like information about hiring a caddie in the summer, please contact Chris Lancerini, Assistant Golf Professional, at . To learn more about the scholarships or Enterprise for Youth, please contact their Youth Development Director, Meghan Smith at .

Meghan Smith, Youth Development Director