Victoria and Michael Franzia attend Enterprise for Youth's 50th Anniversary & Gladys Thacher's 90th Birthday Celebration

Talk About Legacy!

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San Francisco’s City Hall was abuzz with magnificent energy and old and new friends of Enterprise for Youth, joyously celebrating two significant milestones: Our 50th Anniversary and our founder’s, Glady Thacher, 90th Birthday. Whether guests were enjoying some nibbles from McCalls or one of several libations offered at the bar, making Glady a birthday greeting card at well-stocked card-making stations, or catching up with friends and enjoying the conviviality of the event, one thing was for certain – Enterprise for Youth knows how to throw a party!

Our guest of honor and founder, Glady Thacher, graced us with her inimitable presence. None other than San Francisco’s Mayor, the Honorable London Breed, presented Glady with a certificate honoring July 11th as “Glady Thacher Day” in San Francisco for perpetuity. Talk about a legacy! It was 50 years ago when Glady had the idea to provide youth with work experience and this venture, Enterprise, didn’t start in a garage, but a living room!

Particularly meaningful to me was the Mayor’s speech. Her own story of being a young woman starting out at her first job was truly touching. Mayor Breed relayed an impactful story of a girl who had a poor attitude and wasn’t appreciative of the opportunity she had been given to work. It wasn’t until an adult who cared about her pulled her aside, counseled her, and helped her, did her trajectory change in ways no one could have imagined. This boost gave Ms. Breed the transformation she needed to be where she is today: the Mayor of one of America’s most beloved of cities.

The Mayor extended her stay at the party to include announcing the live auction prizes. Award winners walked away with a signed Steph Curry Warriors jersey and four $1000 Gap shopping sprees. And did I mention the cupcakes?! After the speeches, a sweet-ladened cart was rolled out and adorned the center of the room with the most beautifully crafted cupcakes I had ever seen.

As I took it all in, I was struck by just how deep and impactful Enterprise for Youth’s mission and work has been over the years. It is gratifying to see the work so many have put their hearts and souls into coming full circle – we can all celebrate providing more work and internship opportunities for our youth. The possibility of transforming a young person’s life by opening career doors is a reality at Enterprise and that fact makes me proud to be a part of, and support, this amazing organization.