I Learned How to Work on a Team With the Junior Caddie Program

“From the Junior Caddie Program, I developed communication skills that have transferred into all of my endeavors. Working with other Junior Caddies and meeting several golfers, I learned how to work on a team, but also how to work with people from different backgrounds. Being a Junior Caddie really allowed me to be comfortable around new people and improve my communication skills.” — Hannah Heller, Junior Caddie Intern, Olympic Club

Over the years, we’ve been beyond grateful to help provide four of our outstanding youth — Hannah Heller, Jaqueline Yip, Riley McCall, and most recently, Wenxing Cai — with FULL college tuition and housing scholarships through the Chick Evans scholarship program.

This opportunity for youth is thanks to our 17-year partnership with the Olympic Club and their sponsorship of Enterprise for Youth’s Junior Caddie Program.

Aside from this outstanding achievement, these Evans Scholars have experienced invaluable life lessons and developed essential skills starting from the moment they entered the Junior Caddie Program.

Our most recent Evans Scholarship recipient, Wenxing Cai, shared his similar experience as a junior caddie,

“The most valuable life lesson I have learned from participating in the Junior Caddie program is the power of communication. During the program, I worked with many golfers with various different styles and interests. I adjusted my caddying to make their experience the best it could be. Being able to communicate with them allowed me to grow both as a caddie and as a person.”

Above all, our Evans Scholars have learned a great deal about themselves and what they’re capable of accomplishing when they put in the hard work.

“I learned that I have the potential and the drive to succeed. I have proven my strong work ethic to others and to myself. At Enterprise, I have seen my confidence level grow, and without all of these experiences, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” — Jacqueline Yip

With our Junior Caddie Internship program around the corner, we’re looking forward to seeing who the next Evans Scholarship recipient may be, and we’re excited to help them get there.

Krista Apolonio
Program Manager