Enterprise Showed Me That I Could Achieve So Much More Than I Thought Possible

By Kathy Dao, Communications intern at Enterprise for Youth

Since 1969, Enterprise for Youth has had a tremendous impact on the lives of over 25,000 young people, from their job-readiness training and a wide selection of internships to their job bank and other leadership opportunities like Youth Council.

Enjoy the following wonderful things that 2020 Enterprise Program Assistant interns had to say about what Enterprise has done for them, whether it’s personal development or helping them explore different careers. 

“Enterprise has allowed me the opportunity to continue participating in internships online throughout the pandemic. I have been able to learn from and participate in so many enriching events and panels! I am so thankful for all the amazing people I have met through Enterprise!” -Danna Lenis-Grananda

“When I first joined Enterprise, I had a limited perspective of what I could and would achieve in life, but Enterprise showed me that I could achieve so much more than I thought possible. I continue to participate in Enterprise because I want to be able to show other youth who like me that they can achieve so much more than they think with just the right tools, help, and support.” —Athena Buitrago

“Enterprise prepared me for the future and offers these amazing opportunities with professionals that I wouldn’t have connected with if I wasn’t involved. Without Enterprise I wouldn’t be where I am today.” —Jasmine Tai

“I continue to work with Enterprise because Enterprise has provided me an outlet to pursue a passion for business. I kept being offered opportunities, so I kept taking them. Enterprise taught me almost everything. I gained a lot of friendships. I am not somebody who has a ton of friends, but I made close friends at Enterprise, including Jasmine and Pamela. Enterprise gave me an outlet to be myself.” —Lamiya Cotton

“Enterprise has done so much for me. They have given me so many opportunities and thanks to Enterprise, I have discovered my dream job. Enterprise is so amazing and that is why I continue to participate.” —Leydi Romero

“I learned business skills at Enterprise that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I continue to participate in Enterprise because it allows me an opportunity for self-growth while meeting amazing people who continuously strive for the best, whether it’s for themselves or others. Enterprise is a friendly community that I am thankful to be a part of.” —Pamela Cruz

I didn’t join Enterprise until my senior year of high school, but I wish I did earlier because they have so many amazing career and professional development opportunities for youth. The staff is also very supportive and easy to talk to. I continue to participate in Enterprise because I believe in their mission.

Enterprise is truly a one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization because they help youth like me gain job experience and other important skills like financial literacy, leadership, and communication. During my short time at Enterprise, I have seen how much they have helped and supported youth in exploring and pursuing their career goals.