Welcome to the Second Cohort of Program Assistants!

Program Assistants

Last year we recruited alumni from our job-readiness training and internship program to help usher in the next generation of youth into their careers. Being mentored by those who have already gone through the program is an amazing opportunity since the youth will be exposed to Program Assistants that have already faced all of the challenges they are about to. Click the link to learn more about the Program Assistants!

Joanna Luo

Joanna is a rising junior at Otis College of Art and Design where she studies concept art for Game and Entertainment. She is an avid lover of intricate costumes, funky characters, and

Joe Hisaishi soundtracks. Joanna wants to eventually work as a Visual Development or Character Design artist.

“Enterprise for Youth is a place where I get to try different hats and learn different things.”

Joanna Luo

Elaine Huang

Elaine was born in Guangzhou, China, and raised in San Francisco, CA. She is currently studying biology with a minor in statistics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is passionate about contributing to the health field. When she is free, she likes to play badminton with friends and travel. 

“Four years ago, I met Enterprise through Gap’s This Way Ahead program. In the program, I gained retail-related, collaboration, leadership, and problem-solving skills. I’ve decided to come back and lead youth in my community on the path to a successful future. 

Elaine Huang

Danna Lenis-Granada
Oscar Amgalanbat 

“Enterprise has opened my eyes for new experiences and allowed me to widen my social network.”

Oscar Amgalanbat 

My name is Usukh-Ireedui Amgalanbat, but I go by Oscar. I am 17 year-old and soon I will graduate. I’ve been participating in Enterprise for Youth for 3 years and I am excited to learn more!

Elizabeth Ouyang

Elizabeth grew up in San Francisco and has been a part of Enterprise for Youth since her sophomore year in high school. Throughout her time at Enterprise, she has been on Youth Council for three years and has participated in the summer internship program where she interned at Jonathan Rachman Design. She also worked as a program assistant for Enterprise’s first virtual Career Exploration Internship.

Currently, Elizabeth is majoring in business administration at the University of Southern California. She is passionate about combining her studies in business with her interests in art and design to make a positive impact in the world.

“During my time at Enterprise, I have had many amazing opportunities such as being a part of Youth Council and interning at Jonathan Rachman Design. All of these experiences have helped me to develop my professional skills and allowed me to become a more experienced leader.”

Elizabeth Ouyang

Gordon Liu 

Gordon Liu has been a part of the Enterprise for Youth community since his junior year of high school and was a member of the 2019 Youth Council. He is currently a student at the University of California, Los Angeles majoring in Psychobiology. Outside of school, Gordon loves to spend time experimenting with cooking new dishes and volunteering for community-based organizations.

“The Enterprise community has helped me grow professionally and exposed me to many networking and career opportunities that no other organization could offer.”

Gordon Liu 

Jaida Da Luz

Jaida Da Luz will be a sophomore at Santa Clara University majoring in Marketing and Studio Art. She has been a part of Enterprise for Youth since her freshman year in high school, where she worked as a Summer Gardener, became a member of the Youth Council, and interned as a Communications Intern. Jaida hopes to combine her interest in business and art to one day become a UI/UX designer. 

Jasmine Tai
Matthew Kong

Matthew Kong is currently a first-year Mathematics and Computer Science major at UC San Diego. He is really good at collaborating with others. He hopes to gain a future internship or career in software engineering.

“I love the Enterprise family. The staff are so awesome and wonderful. They really do care about your success in the workforce.”

Kyle Chan

Kyle Chan is a current student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in promoting health. Kyle first joined Enterprise back in 2015 and was a career exploration intern with Kaiser Permanente. Last summer, Kyle worked as a program assistant in Enterprise’s first virtual Career Exploration internship and is currently reprising his role again this summer. Enterprise has played a huge role in Kyle’s professional and academic careers as he was able to choose his college major and career pathway through the various Enterprise programs. In his free time, Kyle enjoys outdoor sports like tennis and climbing and is a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors. 

“Enterprise is an amazing program that has supported and nurtured countless youths in their professional careers. I personally have grown tremendously throughout my time with Enterprise and hope to nurture the future generation of working professionals. “

Kyle Chan

Lamiya Cotton

Lamiya grew up in San Francisco, California. She has been a part of Enterprise since her Sophomore year, starting off with Enterprise’s retail internship in collaboration with The Gap. Seeing her potential, she joined Youth Council which sparked her interest in working towards becoming a better leader. She joined the first pilot program to be a Program Assistant for Enterprise’s Job Readiness Training where she assisted Job Coaches and helped youth get their first jobs. Enterprise For Youth continues to provide youth a space to grow, and also a space to learn what they are passionate about, and Lamiya loves to push that message further.

Lamiya is planning to attend the University of San Francisco, studying Communications and Public Relations. In her free time, she loves to take photos, dance, and watch Netflix.

Lindsey Chun

Lindsey Chun is a senior at Lowell High School and has been involved in many programs at Enterprise for Youth for the past three years. Lindsey has participated in the Environmental Stewardship, Youth Council, and the retail internship program in collaboration with The Gap.

She will be studying biology and business in college. In her free time, she loves to dance, go thrift shopping, and spend time with her friends and family. 

“Enterprise for Youth has provided me with many opportunities in professional settings that have allowed me to develop the skills and new connections I need to succeed in the future. My favorite part about Enterprise for Youth is being surrounded by the supportive staff and motivated peers who inspire me all the time.“

Lindsey Chun

Matthew Kwang
Melissa Morales

Melissa Morales is a rising senior at Mission High, she enjoys helping others in her community, reading, being outdoors, and creating change. Her goals for her summer position are to educate, work with others, lead, and help the Enterprise for Youth staff. 

Naomi Kung

Naomi was born and raised in San Francisco and she plans to attend UC Berkeley in the Fall. She has been with Enterprise for Youth for almost 3 years as a participant in the Job Readiness Training and Youth Council. She has received multiple internship opportunities that helped pave the way to her current major in Economics. 

Lupe Peña

Lupe has been part of Enterprise for Youth since her junior year of High School. Thanks to the program and its supportive staff she has been able to prepare herself for professional interviews, improve her resume, make connections, improve her public speaking, organization, time management, knowledge, and experiences. 

“I have been given the opportunity to be part of very interesting Internships in sites such as Kaiser Permanente, KIND (Kids In Need Of Defense) and Enterprise For Youth.”

Lupe Peña

Skye Goette

Skye had been learning from Enterprise for Youth for 4 years. She tutored third graders, interned at City Hall, was a Program Assistant intern at Enterprise for Youth and was on Youth Council. This summer Skye will return to be a Program assistant intern with Green Careers. These opportunities have helped her clarify her career goal of being an elementary school teacher. 

Yingyan Natalie Huang

Natalie Huang is an incoming freshman at UCLA with plans to major in Chemical Engineering. She has been part of Enterprise For Youth since 10th grade and has had internships at First Republic Bank and Mission Bit. Natalie was also part of the Youth Council. Some of Natalie’s hobbies include playing piano, coding, and watching Chinese reality shows.

Yorvit Pat

Yorvit is an upcoming graduate at Galileo High School with 3 years of work experience in Enterprise for Youth’s Green Career internship.

“Enterprise for Youth helps young adults witness and experience the gratitude of having the opportunity to work in these amazing internships.”