Enterprise Prepares Youth for the Future

Written by Alexandra Quinn, Grants Director.

Lindsey Chun, Enterprise for Youth Intern

Lindsey Chun found Enterprise for Youth during her freshman year in high school. While Googling summer jobs, she came across the Enterprise website and was intrigued by the range of internships offered. Her first internship was a Green Careers (formerly Environmental Stewardship) internship through SF Recreation & Parks (2018). In 2019, she joined the year-long Youth Council program and held retail positions at Gap through This Way Ahead and at Sephora. Having gained skills, leadership experience, and direct work experience in a number of settings, during the summer of 2020, Lindsey had a virtual internship in the Career Exploration Internship Program, working with Asian Pacific Islander Association (APIA) Scholars. In 2021, Lindsey became an Enterprise Program Assistant working with both the Career Exploration internship and the pilot program with SF New Deal.

Lindsey has learned a lot about herself during her many Enterprise work experiences. One of her biggest takeaways is the importance of trying new things and taking advantage of new opportunities: “I love the feeling of being unfamiliar with something at first, but then over time, growing more comfortable and succeeding in it.” As Senior Program Director, Meghan Smith-Chang, said, “Lindsey is a young person who was looking for work experience, found Enterprise in her own research, and has thoroughly attempted almost every program we offer. She’s also very involved in her school community so she’s sharing the skills she learned from Enterprise with other youth.”

Lindsey was born and raised in San Francisco. Her mother is from Japan and her father was born in Hong Kong and raised in San Francisco. Lindsey followed in her father’s footsteps, attending Lowell High School. 

“I have been a part of Enterprise for Youth since I was a freshman in high school. I have only met highly motivated peers who are determined to create an impact in their community. I have also attended many career panels and networking events that have allowed me to build new connections with experts. I feel well-prepared to go into the professional world with the knowledge and background I gained from Enterprise.”

— Lindsey