Life Lessons Learned from the Job Bank

What started as a way to pay for Alice’s viola, blossomed into an enduring professional relationship that helped both Alice and her employer, Cornelia Hoppe, grow and learn. We chatted with Cornelia and Alice about how the Job Bank brought them together and what they learned during their time working together. 

Alice was initially nervous during her job search, but she stuck with it and connected with Cornelia. During the job interview, Cornelia was impressed by Alice because she wanted to be able to pay for her own viola without having to ask her mother for money. Alice’s honesty, willingness to work hard, and the fact she lived nearby made her a perfect candidate.

Flash forward 15 years and Alice has now known Cornelia for half of her life. Looking back at her career experience,

Alice states, “She [Cornelia] has provided me with immeasurable mentorship.… Working for her really helped me when I had to leave for college since I learned to be more independent. I learned how to do basic housekeeping, time management, and organizational skills.” 

Cornelia added, “There are many values that a person learns … and sharing knowledge regarding language, culture, values and just living life.” 

Because of this opportunity, Alice felt more prepared for college and confident from her job experience and Cornelia was able to grow her perspectives with someone she wouldn’t have normally met in her day-to-day life. Beyond the life lessons learned, Alice and Cornelia were also able to grow their professional support network and find a lasting friendship.

The impact employers and employees have on each other is substantial. Getting a job and doing the day-to-day tasks is only the beginning. Start building those valuable connections with the Job Bank. For employers looking to list, Cornelia advises that “Posting on the Job Bank and possibly following up with Enterprise after the posting, supports you and the student you may hire.” 

And for youth considering the Job Bank, Alice advises, “It is all about just putting yourself out there and the worst thing that can happen is someone says, “no.” Just remember to clearly state your name and your phone number on any answering machines.

Start listing or applying on the Job Bank now.