Nínive Calegari welcomes our new CEO, Carlo Solis

A note from Nínive to celebrate Carlo Solis & 55 years of Enterprise impact

Dear friend of Enterprise,

I am writing to share the incredibly exciting news that Carlo Solis has been named Enterprise for Youth’s Chief Executive Officer.

During my time as CEO, we have grown from paying $213,000 in youth wages per year to nearly a MILLION dollars in 2023. We increased the number of internships to exceed 500 paid placements, expanded the variety of internships, and raised hourly wages. This organizational growth is a humongous triumph and I am overjoyed that we have accomplished this together. 

For the past four and half years, Carlo Solis has been a driving force in Enterprise for Youth’s success as Senior Program Director and then Chief Operating Officer. Carlo started at Enterprise in 2019 and quickly set out to expand our parks internships from 75 internship placements to 290 in 2023, establishing the foundation for our Climate Career Corps. In March 2020, Carlo and the team immediately pivoted our job readiness trainings online to accommodate for COVID-19, and over the summer, he made sure youth were still working outside, connecting to other human beings, and learning new skills. He bought masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer, and went to work. This magnificent moment set him apart. Carlo ensured cohorts of Enterprise youth came together in nature while earning money during a very isolating time for most. The Climate Career Corps is now our largest jobs portfolio. Hundreds of youth participate in multi-year programming learning green skills and gaining awareness and experience in a wide range of green professions.

As COO, Carlo has positively impacted our finance and human resources department, streamlining procedures and implementing effective policies. By working closely with the program and development teams, Carlo has deepened connections for the organization and with key partners and funders. Again and again, Carlo has shown tremendous competency and care.

Carlo was my student 23 years ago when I was a social studies teacher at Leadership High School. I taught Carlo US History, Government, and Economics, and I was the advisor to the Latino Club, where he was a leader. I love telling people that Carlo was somebody in his high school who was very well liked by ALL the different groups of youth. We have seen this gift at Enterprise for Youth. He has built close ties with leaders in the schools, in the parks, in  businesses, and at City Hall. He has developed personal and meaningful relationships with key funders and our wonderful and generous Board of Directors. Most importantly, he has built a warm and professional rapport with the staff and our beloved youth participants. Exactly as he was in high school, today Carlo is loved and respected by everyone.

The Board of Directors enthusiastically chose Carlo as CEO after an extensive process. It was clear to them the gifts he offers our community: Carlo is committed to young people and the future of work. He is calm and driven. Carlo is a kind man with deep integrity. In addition to the relationships he has built and the quality of person that he is, Carlo has the lived experience of many Enterprise youth, raised through San Francisco’s public schools in bilingual schools and a bicultural home. This professional and personal dynamic uniquely empowers him to carry on the Enterprise for Youth mission founded by Glady Thacher fifty-five years ago.

As we enter our 55th year, please join me in officially welcoming Carlo as our new leader. I am proud that Carlo was my student two decades ago. Equally, I feel honored and uplifted to work with him as a colleague all these years later. Carlo will be able to continue what we have started and continue to develop the talents and ambitions of the young people in our program.

I am going to be participating in an extended transition period where I will serve Carlo and the organization as a Senior Advisor. Carlo, the Board, and I are excited about innovating around this new transition model and we expect that it will create a deeper foundation for Enterprise for Youth’s’s bright future. 

Let me know if you have any questions or insights for us. Reach out if you want to schedule a tea with me and Carlo (or just Carlo!). Thank you for your support and please continue to engage in this very important work of building career paths for talented, dynamic, and deserving young people. We cannot do this work without you. 



Senior Advisor, Enterprise for Youth