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Meet Our Amazing Alumni Board: Uniting 55 Years of Enterprise

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Applying for a job is a difficult task when you lack experience, opportunities are even more limited when you are a high school student. Glady Thacher understood this obstacle when she came up with the idea of connecting employers to ambitious youth.

In 1969, Glady put her idea into action when she began writing open jobs onto index cards and connecting youth to fill those roles. This idea would evolve into what we now know as Enterprise for Youth which has been providing young people with paid work opportunities for 55 years. Having served the community for so long, the impact of Enterprise is evident in the alumni who are all at different stages of their careers. 

For this reason, Enterprise created an Alumni Board in 2023 to support current and future youth with the guidance of their predecessors. The Alumni Board provides mentorship and support to the Enterprise community. Enterprise is proud to welcome six board members: Sam Mogannam, Robert Aguirre, Andrea Flores, Fellenia Chan, Kathleen Mai, and Elizabeth Ouyang. 

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Sam Mogannam

Sam Mogannam is the owner of the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses and has a culinary background. When he was an Enterprise youth, he would flip through index cards and take whatever opportunities he could find. These jobs taught him to be prepared and proactive, skills he has carried into the business world. Anytime he needed a job, he would rely on Enterprise to provide him with continuous support. Sam now makes it his mission to give back and provide youth with the mentorship, support, and advice he received when he was in that position. Through Bi-Rite, Sam further supports our program by donating to the annual Heroes at Work dinner celebration. 

Robert Aguirre  

Robert Aguirre is an architect who graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Architecture. During his time with Enterprise, he completed an internship with Wells Fargo where he was responsible for installing some of the first-ever ATM machines. While his internship was not directly related to architecture, he used his experience drawing plans for ATM installations and transferred his skills to drawing building designs in his public and private architecture work. Robert’s connection to Enterprise spans generations, having the unique legacy of being both an alumni and a parent to an alumni.

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Andrea Flores

Andrea Flores is currently a Vice President for Advancement working in education and she graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Political Science. Andrea’s work experiences through Enterprise gave her the confidence she needed at the young age of 16 to be prepared for the professional world. Additionally, she credits her internship with Nancy Pelosi in 1991 through Enterprise as her motivation toward the Political Science degree. Andrea has long since been an advocate for Enterprise’s programs, even encouraging her daughter to participate in the program similar to fellow board member, Robert. 

Fellenia Chan

Fellenia Chan is currently an Associate Events Coordinator at SurveyMonkey and she graduated from Boston University with a degree in Business Administration. As a participant in Enterprise, she learned how to empower the community by working on mental health initiatives and environmental justice projects. She was also a member of Enterprise’s leadership cohort, Youth Council, and interned as a program manager, promoting diversity and inclusion. She also was a keynote speaker at the 2018 Heroes at Work event. Fellenia values community building and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

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Kathleen Mai

Kathleen Mai is currently a Registered Nurse at Stanford Healthcare and she graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Nursing. She participated in Enterprise for multiple years through the environmental stewardship program (now called Climate Career Corps) and a dental internship where she learned how to communicate with professionals. Leveraging her prior experience, Kathleen was able to navigate the professional world and secure her dream job in healthcare straight out of college. Kathleen plans to share her experience and journey in healthcare with the next generation as an Alumni Board member. 

Elizabeth Ouyang

Elizabeth Ouyang is currently a student at the University of Southern California studying Business Administration. Throughout her time with Enterprise, Elizabeth held several impactful roles that helped form her professional and personal goals. Being a member of the Youth Council, she made lifelong friends and developed her leadership skills. Elizabeth was instrumental in developing the alumni engagement strategy and the founding of the Enterprise for Youth Alumni Board. She envisions the board as being the bridge between the youth and the Board of Directors.

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The Alumni Board carries a breadth of experience and wisdom from varying stages in the professional world, ranging from early career professionals to established business owners. One quality unites them all, and that is the desire to give back to the next generation through Enterprise for Youth, the program that set them on a positive career track. 

The Enterprise for Youth community has immense gratitude to our Alumni Board members for their incredible support and are excited to enhance youth-alumni connections moving forward. A special thanks to our Alumni Board members for their generous contributions of time and dedication to Enterprise for Youth.

Alumni, reconnect with your legacy and make an impact today by giving back! Even if you’re not an alumni, you can make a difference in a youth’s life today through your contributions or time!

By: Zizo Ezzat